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Events in St. Anton am Arlberg

STANTON Ski Opening
Let’s celebrate the start of the winter season together! Test the newest skis, snowboards and equipment for free.

FIS Alpine skiing Worldcup and Europacup
Speed, courage and strength. Those three things are necessary to ski down a ski race with over 100 km per hour. The female Worldcup and Eurocup in downhill and Super G take place every year in St. Anton am Arlberg.

Der weisse Rausch
Slushy and bumpy slopes, 500 people, from the top of Valluga down to The Valley, all starting at once, the fastest one down wins the race. Der weisse Rausch is a legendary race where everyone over the age of 18 is allowed to compete. A spectacular event for visitors and racers.

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Event St. Anton am Arlberg
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Event St. Anton am Arlberg

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